Falcon 8X Debuts as Dassault Falcon’s Fiercest Aircraft Yet

The French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Falcon revealed their new flagship carrier at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exposition in Geneva. The large-cabin with an unbelievably long range was dubbed the Falcon 8X and features the longest bodies of any Falcon carrier to date, reaching more than 42 feet and ranging more than 7,400 miles. A comfortable cabin and 32 windows make the craft a frequent flyer’s dream come true, while a gallery location, lounge, lavatory and shower give the craft some much-deserved luxury appeal. But the high-end perks come with a high-end price-tag as well; the craft starts at $58 million.

Inspired by the 7X, the 8X has completely reimagined the cockpit, installing new-generation avionics, a head-up display, and Pratt and Whitney Canada PW307D jet engines that help boost fuel efficiency by 35 percent. They’ve even planned for the worst, making the 8X adaptable and capable of steep approaches and last-minute landing on shortened runways.

Based on details from Robb Report, although the aircraft is still in development phase the plan is to have the 8X up in the air and chartering flights by 2016.

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