Cooper Classic Cars

Gorgeous car care is taking place right in New York City – specifically, in Greenwich Village. Cooper Classics Collection, conceived in 1976 by Elliot Cuker, is tucked away on Perry St. and is one of the world’s premiere and most respected vintage automotive sales facilities in the world. Preceded by their excellent reputation in product quality and customer services, Cooper is known for their international clientele; and though they primarily specialize in classical vehicle restoration, Cooper Classics Collection also deals in vintage car appraisal, classic car financing and insurance assistance. But the true art in the Cooper Classics Collection is in the space itself: It’s part art gallery and part events space, in addition to being a classic car lot. They sell and display all things retro on the walls and on the floor inside: Both contemporary art and celebrity-taken photos line the walls, as well as rare, vintage cars on the floor (known affectionately as “rolling sculptures”).

But it’s the ladies that have really given the space the reputation and respect. In fact, Cuker proudly owes the success of the 37-year-old endeavor to an unseen clientele. 70 percent of the cars are sold to clients not on-site (or even in the country). In a 2012 interview, Cuker revealed that some of the most beautiful on the lot at the time were a ’69 Mercedes-Benz 280SL and ’55 Prosche 356 Pre A Sunroof Coupe. Not bad for ladies in waiting, is it?

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