Candide Thovex Ski’s Everything for Audi

Candide Thovex is a French professional skier, filmmaker and entrepreneur — made famous for his mesmerizing freestyle skiing. He caught the attention of the action-sport’s world when he jumped Chad’s Gap in the backcountry of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. He was the first to successfully complete the 37-meter jump.

Since then, Thovex’s film exploits have demonstrated serious virility, viewed by millions in recent years. Along the way, he has garnered a multitude of competition wins and accolades from fans and peers worldwide for his ability and creativity.

Thovex’s latest has him skiing on the Great Wall of China, proving you don’t need snow to ski freestyle. Titled Ski the World, Thovex worked to produce the film in partnership with Audi. The footage captures Candide skiing in some of the most awe inspiring settings on the planet; below the Northern Lights, along endless sand dunes, within jungles, and over volcanic rocks. You really do have to see it, to believe it.

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