Camouflage Home Folds Nature Into Design

Known as “The Pierre”, a one-of-a-kind camouflaged concrete house sits comfortably tucked into the earth in San Juan Islands, Washington. The home, created by Olson Kundig Architects, is a testament to its owner’s desire to create a stone outcropping on her property.

Kundig, responsible for bringing the idea to life, says, “Putting the house in the rock follows a tradition of building on the least productive part of a site, leaving the best parts free for cultivation.” The house celebrates the materiality of the location – and from certain angles, it almost seamlessly disappears into the natural landscape, looking more like a concrete boulder than a home.

Once inside, the interior pays respects to the exterior: an indoor and outdoor fireplace is carved out of existing stone – and save for a few touch-ups, remains remarkably untouched; natural sinks and a powder room carved out of rock are also nestled comfortably inside, and three polished pools surround the space.

Fine, aged finishes and accents complete the space – and the dim lighting only enhances the rawness of the home.

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