5 Tech Entrepreneurs Taking The Lead On Changing The World

Tech giants like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marissa Mayer all stand out as some of the most revolutionary entrepreneurs in the tech sphere, but they aren’t the only notable names worthy of our attentions. In the 21st century, tech has taken on a life of its own, quickly becoming the backbone of every startup, new venture, and big business. It gave birth to New York’s start-up scene and gave rise to Silicon Valley. Now, tech will change the world, and the people on it, forever.

The New York Times recently profiled five incredibly talented businessmen and women, each of whom are doing their part to leave the world just a little bit better off than when they first found it, saving lives and ensuring peoples’ rights in the meantime. The list, unsurprisingly, includes Elizabeth Holmes, Vineet Singal, Alex Karp, Brian Chesky, and Leila Janah.

The NYT notes, “They are digital experts, who, thanks to social media, smartphones and access to limitless information, have grown up with a sense of global community that transcends geographic boundaries. And they seem to have social consciousness embedded in their DNA. They are united in wanting to do more than acquire material riches. They measure success by their ability to transform the lives of others. Their question is not ‘’What do I want to be when I grow up?’ but ‘How will the world be different because I lived in it?’’’

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