10 Of The World’s Best Air-Charter Companies

There’s little to no denying that chartering a jet is much more convenient than standing in line for a TSA search, boarding an overcrowded commercial airline, flying alongside 60-plus other travelers, and dealing with overcrowded airports, but navigating the world of private air travel can be equally as overwhelming. When you don’t know where, when, how, or who to book your travel though, the world of non-commercial airfare can be just as hard to navigate. But there’s a way to simplify that.

Billionaire.com has put together a list to simplify the who, when, where, and how of chartered air travel. Their list of 10 of the world’s best air-charter companies, in collaboration with I&W Aviation, outlines the most in-demand agencies available. The roundup includes MetroJet, a family-run business operating out of Hong Kong. It’s also the city’s only fully licensed business aircraft operator. Luxaviation, also on the list, is the world’s second-largest aircraft operator and currently manages more than a 250 aircraft in its fleet.

It wouldn’t be a list without Skyjet, the pioneer in on-demand online booking of private jets in the light, mid-sized, super mid-sized, large cabin, and long-range aircrafts. In the Middle East, Royal Jet — based out of Abu Dhabi — services royal families and governments and is the world’s largest business Boeing Jet operator.

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