Wright Brothers Oyster House

When it first opened, Wright Brothers Oyster House captivated Londoners. It was everything they were missing in a fresh, local oyster locale: from sea to table in the blink of an eye. Now, with more than five locations across the city – Soho, Borough Market, Spitalfields, The Ferry Boat Inn, and South Kensington – Wright Brothers pleasantly boasts a monopoly on the city’s shucking elite.

All borne from the same idea, each Oyster House beautifully crafted and carries its own vibe, but reviews across the board promise that food, fare, and flair at Wright Brothers Oyster Houses all hinges on a good meal: service is consistent, friendly, and the staff are knowledgeable; the food is delicious, fresh, and it’s an all-around “fish-lover’s paradise”; the Soho experience – a three-floor layout that includes a raw bar and restaurant – delighted guests assure, is well worth the trek.

At the Soho location, open Monday through Saturday from noon until 11 p.m. and on Sundays from noon until 10, guests are encouraged to take masterclasses on shucking, serving, and scouting out oysters. The menu includes fish and shellfish starters, oysters served au natural and “dressed and cooked”, small plates, large plates, sides, and tempura.

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