Urban Cowboy — Nashville

Built in a Queen Anne Victorian mansion in Tennessee compromised of eight guest suites, Urban Cowboy Nashville is the epitome of Southern charm meets western flair. You can call the template leading the design of the B&B — “Southwestern Deco” — a new-age technique or you can call Urban Cowboy’s aesthetic what it really is: Pure genius. Melding together eclectic patterns, bold decorations, and a stunning ounce of personality in each of its guest rooms, Urban Cowboy feels both approachable and untouchable. Designed by owner Lyon Porter, each of the eight unique suites in the bed and breakfast come with their own private bathroom, boasts an original claw-foot tub. On its website, Urban Cowboy’s Nashville location proudly proclaims East Nashville as its home, “a thriving oasis for the misfits and geniuses that give music city its soul.”

Dispersed between the rooms at the Urban Cowboy Nashville location are two communal rooms intended to foster conversation and connection. The B&B is flanked by dozens of farm-to-table restaurants, craft coffee bars, dive bars, and ample opportunities to soak up the city’s live music scene. Porter opened Urban Cowboy in Brooklyn in 2014. Nashville marks Porter’s second opening, and his reasoning for selecting Tennessee was simple. Porter told Nashville’s BizBlog, “ I was thinking about expanding my current concept, and thinking about doing a collection of homes in places that I wanted to go. I’m not opening there because I did the research and demographics, I did it because I want to go there and the people have been so welcoming and warm. It’s really because it’s a place where we want to go a lot.”

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