Untitled at The Whitney

On the ground floor of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Untitled at The Whitney has become the second art museum helmed by Danny Meyer, a world-famous chef uninterested in creating, serving, or subscribing to the idea of “arty food” [link: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/05/dining/restaurant-review-untitled-at-the-whitney-in-the-meatpacking-district.html]. Behind executive chef and managing director, Michael Anthony, Untitled at The Whitney is a thrilling experience for the senses – much like the museum itself, only stimulating different extents.

The New York Times describes the restaurant as “slotted into a narrow quadrangle with glass curtain walls on three sides, designed, like the rest of the museum, by Renzo Piano.” Without any ornament, Untitled at The Whitney focuses more on food than it ever could on flair. “At Untitled,” the Times notes, “you look at a hulking industrial slab across Gansevoort Street.” But it’s the fare that pushes Untitled to the next level: gorgeous, vibrant fruits and vegetables accessorize dishes to perfection. Favorites include the kale salad; pole beans, calamari, and hazelnuts; roasted and fried chicken salad; blueberry peanut butter crunch cake; golden tilefish with curried squash; and a corn flatbread.

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