The Top Of The Standard

At the peak of the Standard Hotel sits ‘The Top of the Standard’ (otherwise known as The Boom Boom Room), New York’s premiere and elite nighttime venue. The lounge runs parallel to its sister club, Le Bain, which is tucked away across the street – and both proudly share the same Meatpacking District address.

In every sense of the world, The Top of the Standard was design to cultivate a special type of crowd, with unadulterated views of the NYC skyline and first-rate luxury décor. Though many claim to adhere to a guest list policy, The Top of the Standard is one of the online lounge locales that is actually known for its impenetrable front door.

Here, appearance matters; so if you’re not dressed for the part, there’s no point in wasting your time. The Top of the Standard attracts an older, more established clientele with well-known connections. The guest list is as high-end as the décor, fashionable and utterly chic. Before 11 pm, just about anyone is welcome to take in the decadent city views; after 11, everyone is asked to leave and only those with a reservation are invited back in.

For many, The Top of the Standard is only as a real as the legend surrounding the venue is – but the mystique comes to life for a special collection of notable names on the list.

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