The Marlton Hotel

Before it was relaunched in September of 2013, The Marlton Hotel stood as its own little piece of history. It was the place Valerie Solanas called home when she shot and attempted to kill Andy Warhol, and where Jack Kerouac wrote Tristessa and The Subterraneans.

Now, after a short stint as a New School dormitory, the nine-story building in Greenwich Village is once again the hotel it always had been. Helmed by Sean MacPherson and co., the hotel sits in a prime New York City locale: just a block away from Washington Square Park, within walking distance to stores, shops and restaurants.

Rooms at the hotel are as eclectic, intimate and colorful as the clientele. Cozy oak herringbone floors, delicate crown molding, and mid-century lighting make guests feel more like they’re at-home in a Brooklyn brownstone than a booming downtown hotel.

The Marlton doesn’t feature in-room dining options, but it does have something no other hotel in town can brag about: Margaux. The 98-seat restaurant fuses together eastern Mediterranean, French, and Californian fare, with a menu that changes based on seasonal favorites.

If you’re looking for an intimate view of everything New York once was, no one will take you further inside than The Marlton.

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