The Duck and Rice

By the name, you’d think you’re about to be treated to yet another Asian menu, filled with flavors and dishes palatable only when you’re in the mood for something cooked in heavy brown sauces and served with a side of rice or noodles. But The Duck and Rice is nothing like whatever you’re imagining.

The Soho-based pub and dining room is a Chinese-inspired eatery, yes, but the brand new establishment puts heavy emphasis on its beer, so much so that you’ll find your meal revolves around whatever brew you’re drinking.

Duck and Rice is yet another Alan Yau creation. The traditional “bar snacks” menu gets an updated touch; it’s “beer snacks” at The Duck and Rice, and standouts include soft shell crab and wasabi mayo, ciperones with drilled chili, beer-battered scampi and chili wasabi mayo, crispy duck rolls, taro croquettes, pork and prawn Shu Mai, and a Jasmine tea smoked pulled rib bun.

But if you’re in the mood for a full dinner, Duck and Rice does not disappoint. The progressive approach to typical Chinese fare is flavorful and exciting: Crispy Duck dishes paired alongside Chop Suey, Foo Young, and Chow Mein; Curry dishes run parallel to “Home Comfort” items like Kung Po chicken, Blue fin tuna and jalapeno; and classic Yumcha Dim Sum offerings are mouthed in the same breath a Canton Roast and House Special Heroes.

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