The Club Room at Bob Bob Ricard

The Club Room has made a name for itself at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho. The neighboring restaurant serves elegant, luxury English and Russian fare to an eclectic mix of dinner guests, and next door, the story is no different.

The evening-only dining room offers all the class and grandeur of Bob Bob Ricard, with high-end booth-style seating and red-and-gold décor, and the $3 million annex has even taken on a personality of its own – thanks, in large part, to its famous “Press for Champagne” button at every table.

The 74-seat room pays homage to a different type of late-night luxury diner. In addition to a full menu, staple dishes include English favorites like Venison Steak Tartare, Chicken, Mushroom, and Champagne pie, Beef Wellington as well as traditional Russian Petrossian caviar.

Another feature owner Leonid Shutov didn’t shy away from shelling out on was ensuring his guests didn’t strain their voices talking over the live music. In an interview with Forbes Life right after the Club opened, Shutov shared, “We’ve spent an absolute fortune on acoustics. You should be able to talk to everyone in your party when the music’s going without raising your voice.”

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