The Catbird Seat

There are only thirty-two seats inside Nashville’s must-visit The Catbird Seat – which is more than head chef Trevor Moran needs to inspire and excite his dinner guests. Surrounding an unorthodox U-shaped kitchen, Moran and his team prepare your meal as you watch.

The menu is kept a secret and isn’t determined until you and your party arrive, but Moran and his team aim to make the experience as interactive as you choose, so guests can play a part in the makeup of their meal and its ingredients.

Reservations are made on a 30-day rolling calendar and the restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturday only. The first reservation begins at 5:45 and the last occurs at 9:15.

The Catbird Seat is one of the city’s most exclusive establishments, serving up out-of-the-box fare in a completely one-of-a-kind experience.

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