The Beatrice Inn

A classic eatery that focuses on quality food served up without all the bells and whistles, The Beatrice Inn sits as a haven for diners who really are, honestly and hungrily, there for the food. On-site photography is not permitted, but everything from the burnished paneling, the leather banquettes, the to-the-point menu and the traditional men servers dressed in starched white-collar shirts and thin black ties marks a return to a time when dinner came without trendy names, overpriced ambiance and less-than-appealing fare.

House favorites include the stunning New York Strip, a lamb porterhouse and a goat-cheese gnudi that satisfies and excites the palate. The celebrity haunt sees the likes of Hollywood A-listers on a regular basis, but it comes with all the popm and circumstance that would typically follow an Oscar-nominated name while he eats. Dinner here, at The Beatrice Inn, is a big deal – and one head chef Hillary Sterling does not take likely. Reservations for the West Village dinner sanctuary can be made online using OpenTable.

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