Taberna de Mercado

The Telegraph dubbed Taberna de Mercado, the cozy restaurant just steps outside of Whitechapel in London, “unassuming”, mainly due to the fact the restaurant entered the fast-growing London restaurant race with little more than unencumbered furnishings, ample lighting, and no-frills fare. But what the Portuguese-inspired eatery purposefully left behind in big-fuss, flashy openings, it more than makes up for with dynamite dishes.

As it quickly becomes the London go-to for cheese, charcuterie, wine, and inventive, exciting plates, Taberna remains committed to doing one thing right, time and time again: pleasing its patrons. Nuno Mendes’s creative menu is all at once pleasing, poetic, and perfect – and guests keep coming back for more.

Standouts on the menu include the bean fritters, prawn rissoles, hake in an herb sauce, mackerel with tomato sofrito, mussels, bisaro pork tartar with Cozido broth and cabbage, alheria with spring tomato and watercress with onion, and cod and cod tripe acorda offer just a peek at Mendes’s talents.

Taberna opens daily at noon and now proudly serves coffee and simple Portuguese breaksfasts for guests from 8 until 10:30 am. Cold snacks, cheeses, and cured meats are available from 3 until 6 pm and dinner is served daily between 6 and 9:30 at night. On Sundays Taberna offers guests a long lunch service (from noon until 5 pm).

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