Recreating the now-defunct space once occupied by the tiki bar Riff Raffs, Squares opened as a a modernized version of “the classic New York Society club with a spike of cheeky irreverence,” injecting a new nightlife vision into New York’s trendy NoMad neighborhood. According to Eater.com, Squares is the latest creation behind the Quality Branded team (which also operates the dynamite Quality Eats eatery as well as Quality Meats and Quality Italian), and the Michael Stillman, owner and restauranteur on the QB team, said that the inspiration for the nightlife locale came from the realization that even though the NoMad area has definitely changed, the nightlife hasn’t exactly followed suit. “We’ve been in this area six years and it’s dramatically differently,” Stillman told The New York Times, adding, “but there’s no real nightlife.”

Squares, Eater noted, takes its name very seriously, with 25,000 square-shaped tiles outlining the Park Ave. South space, employees uniforms featuring “modern cubic cutouts,” and a cubic logo. The Squares menu is, of course, lined with a square grid, and the club’s intimate menu of hor d’oeuvres are even shaped like squares. The theme of square, square, square is everywhere, and for good reason. Eric Adolfsen, the lead designer behind Squares, wanted guests to feel like they were “in a Nintendo version of an old club, like ‘Manic Mansion.'”

The nightclub, which serves cocktails and small bites, caters to a more “sophisticated crowd,” and reservations can be made online.

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