Seiyo Ginza (CLOSED)

Update: May 17, 2013 – As the Japan Times reports, Tokyo Theatres Co., owners of the Seiyo Ginza, decided last May to sell the building and land for financial reasons. There were no plans to reopen the hotel elsewhere.

Bigger isn’t always better, and this notion is artfully demonstrated in every aspect of the Hotel Seiyo Ginza. With only 77 guest rooms, this boutique hotel exudes the feeling of a private residence, catering to every whim of a select few, while letting the masses find their own way. The experience for guests is driven by the remarkable staff, which even by Tokyo standards, is exceptional. As immaculately prepared and adorned as the lobby, the Seiyo Ginza staff looks great and are always at the top of their game. One of the major perks that comes with choosing Seiyo Ginza is the personal concierge and butler assigned to every guest, making any request as simple as a single conversation. The luxury residential feel is also apparent in the guest rooms, which are large, individually decorated, and feature some of the grandest bathrooms in the city.

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