Rolf and Daughters

In the up-and-coming, rowdy Germantown area of Nashville, Philip Krajeck has made his Italian mark. Growing up between two Italian families in Brussels, Belgium, the famous chef serves up a plethora of astonishing dishes at his Tennessee eatery that has quickly become a downtown favorite for locals and tourists alike. Inspired by Northern Italian and Mediterranean influences, Krajeck uses Southern ingredients to create a dynamic and seasonally driven menu.

Taking a stab at “modern peasant food,” Rolf and Daughters calls a 100-year-old Werthan Factory building home. His process involves thoughtful cooking that uses only the best ingredients. Though their menu might be high in the sky, the service and the atmosphere remains firmly rooted by its Southern charm. If you leave a message, they’ll call you back to confirm they got it – and if there’s a wait, they’ll ask you for your number so they can let you know when your table becomes available.

Their compact menu won’t take you long to browse through, but Krajeck has compromised nothing when it comes to flavor and taste. Equally as impressive is the eatery’s drink menu, which offers a vast array of reds, roses and whites and includes a specialty list of cocktails you can’t get anywhere else.

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