Public (CLOSED)

Update: May 15, 2012 – After a lengthy legal battle, Guy Pelly has made the decision to close his popular nightclub, Public. When forced to choose between restrictive hours or shutting it down, Pelly did not hesitate and decided upon the latter. You can read more about how this fight came to pass in this article from the Daily Mail.

Public is West London’s most popular nightclub for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the man behind the venture. The Chelsea venue is the creation of Guy Pelly, the highly successful nightlife entrepreneur responsible for a number of well known establishments dotting London. While demonstrating the ability to deliver the next big concept, Pelly also has the social network to ensure that each venture is embraced with great fanfare. Amongst many, he counts both Prince William and Prince Harry as close friends, which not surprisingly draws London’s elite and the aspiring younger set to Public every weekend. Connections aside, Public does a fine job of standing alone as a premier location for a wild night out. The large space has an industrial feel with a number of rough edges, bringing a touch of the New York scene to Chelsea. If you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll be able to penetrate the VIP area, known as the Sweet Room, to sample one of a kind cocktails alongside royals, athletes, and celebrities.

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