Polpo – Soho

The Soho-based Polpo bàcaro owned by Russell Norman and Richard Beatty features a fusion of Venetian bàcaro cuisine served to the backdrop of a rustic chic New York West Village eatery.

Polpo is quaint and comfortable, with guests near enough to their neighbors to be relaxed without intruding on one another. And while the seating arrangement may feel hampered and cozy, the flavors coming off the menu are no short order. The menu is made of small plates, perfect for sharing, like the olives and crostino topped with chickpea and anchovy mash, cuttlefish in squid ink, spinach and egg pizzette, sliced flank steak with white truffle cream and white peach, buffalo mozzarella and pea shoot bruschetta, just to name a few. A robust selection of white, pink and red wines, Prosecco and champagne make up their own separate menu.

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