In 10 years, the Marcus has undergone two name changes, served more than half million people, published four cookbooks, been awarded AA Rosettes five times, and earned two Michelin stars, all from the comfort of one intimate, cozy and absolutely faultless dining room. Success can be fleeting, but no one knows staying power quite like the Marcus.

Chef’s Table seating as well as private dining options and a main dining room have catapulted the Marcus Restaurant to the forefront of success in London’s Belgravia neighborhood, a locale that’s earned them bragging rights due to its close proximity to Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Marcus is also kid-free in the evenings and discourages use of prams in its close quarters.

The “Taste of Winter” menu offers guests a sampling of five courses paired with wines, chocolates, and coffee or teas, while the specialty Taste Menu allows guests to experience each of Marcus’s flavorful, seasonal dishes. Served Monday through Saturday, a Vegetarian Taste menu is available in addition to the standard Taste Menu. An A La Carte menu is also available, as is a specialty Valentine’s Day Menu for later this year in February.

Reservations can be made on their website.

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