Hattie B’s

Hattie B’s sits in the Vanderbilt/Belmont neck of the Nashville woods and has never been more at home. The renowned chicken eatery serves up a hot chicken, the timeless Nashville favorite as was the city’s best kept secret until a few years ago – which you can chalk up to Hattie’s widespread popularity or the rise of the city itself, but either way, Hattie’s is definitely not complaining.

Hattie B’s is as downhome as the city itself, with picnic-style tables and Styrofoam dishes throughout. There’s even a roll of paper towel on the table to get you through the meal. You can order your dish according to your heat preferences; Southern (no heat), Mild or Medium, Hot! and Damn Hot (known as the fire starter), respectively.

Plates will run you anywhere between $1.50 for a tender or a wing to $12 for a half the bird, which includes the breast, thigh, leg and wing. And if you thought locals loved the meat, just wait until you hear them rave about the sides. The Southern staple serves everything from southern greens and pimento mac & cheese to a black-eyed pea salad and a homemade cole slaw.

You can call ahead or take the meal out, but for a real Nashville experience, it’s worth eating outside and taking in the sides and the sounds around you.

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