Hammer & Nails

In late 2013, Michael Elliot realized there was a female-only market that men rarely tapped into – and when they did, they felt completely out of pace: nail salons. Elliot wanted a nail treatment that took care of his needs while also making men feel at home in their surroundings. It was then that his vision for a nail salon for men was born.

The mission behind the LA hotspot, Hammer & Nails, is to provide a place for men to get pampered – manicures and pedicures – while watching sports, reclining in comfortable king-size leather chairs and taking in an iced cold cocktail. “”There’s this misconception that only metrosexual men would get a mani or pedi, or only gay men,” he said. “I want to make nail care as common as getting a haircut and I feel like creating the right environment is key to that.”

Hammer & Nails has become a mecca for Hollywood men. Designed to look like a well-manicured man-cave, there’s a vintage punching bag hanging and ample oversized leather chairs that come with their own TVs and headphones with a varied selection of premium sports channels. Complimentary beer and scotch are available as well.

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