Claude Bosi At Bibendum

A minor criticism of chef Claude Bosi entering into his new venture, Bibendum, is that he is overly driven to garner another Michelin star, to add to the two stars he has already been awarded for his previous masterwork, Hibiscus. To us, such criticism is more than a bit misplaced. Whether a third star is in Bosi’s future, there’s no doubt he will be in the running, and his drive is nothing but a positive for Bibendum, and his clientele.

The Bosi led Bibendum team has created a world class dining experience, on the first floor of Michelin’s former London headquarters, in Chelsea. Perhaps an auspicious choice of location, it’s a lovely room, dominated by spectacular stained glass. The staff, service, and cooking are as you’d expect from Claude Bosi; every detail meticulously monitored, with perfect preparation, and an overall sublime experience.

And while unquestionably fine dining, Bibendum is very much accessible. Bosi’s restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner service — and features an Oyster Bar, ready to compete with anyone in the city.

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