Bathtub Gin

If you’re in hot pursuit of a Prohibition-style speakeasy that’s as clandestine as the era implies, you’ll find it in Chelsea. Bathtub Gin, tucked behind Stone Street Coffee Company and well out of reach of the wandering eye, is everything the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his compatriots promised it’d be. Upholding the tradition of the forbidden intoxicating fruit, Bathtub Gin mixes its namesake spirit with “the finest and freshest fruits, juices, syrups, and infusions in cocktails inspired by original recipes.”

The verboten bar serves its specialty drinks alongside a beloved dinner menu that boasts small and large plates as well as a selection of cured meats, cheeses, and desserts. And while dinner may be something to brag about, it’s the cocktail menu that patrons spend the most time deciding between.

Signature specialties like the Blushing Lady #2, the Aviation Royale, the Dutch Gin Fixe, the Gin Gin Mule, and the West Side have more than earned their racing stripes along Manhattan’s to-die-for pours.

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