Balthazar, London

With plaudits that stretch the length of 5th Avenue, the original Balthazar in New York has defined the notion of the French brasserie since 1997. Keith McNally is now attempting to replicate this success, having just opened Balthazar in London. Armed with his well earned reputation for attention to detail and design, much of his key personnel from New York, and a proven model, the Covent Garden location is off to a roaring start. Like the original, the new Balthazar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the brasserie inspired menu. The London outpost also has a connected bakery, which supplies the restaurant with bread, pastries, and desserts; as well as offering customers a smart take away option when they’re on the move. While dedicated to building upon the fundamentals that brought him sustained success in New York, McNally wisely avoided slavishly replicating every last detail. The result is a Balthazar that crackles with the energy and superb food one expects, while managing to have its own unique personality perfectly fitting of London.

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