The bicycle brand Brooks England opened their first-ever story in London, aptly named B1866 after the brand’s vivacious 150-year heritage. Tucked away just off the beaten path in Covent Garden on Earlham Street in London, B1866 celebrates Brooks England’s commitment to providing guests with new products fit to suit their biggest needs. And just a floor below, in the basement, customers will be invited to create custom orders.

“Finally, we have a home where we can hang the paintings portraying John Boultbee and Boultbee Brooks, the father and son who founded and made the company flourish during the first 86 years of its history, between 1866 and 1952. But mostly we have another possibility to show to our fans how much we care and how much passion we put in what we do.” – Andrea Meneghelli, Brook’s marketing director

At the B1866 store, simplicity reigns. Painted brick walls enclose the space, making it cozy and homey, while brightly colored furnishings and accessories add in a welcomed pop of color. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 10am until 7pm and on Sundays from 12 noon until 6pm.

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