• Photo: takeaim.nu
  • Photo: takeaim.nu
  • Photo: takeaim.nu

Alchemy Works

Dubbed the Los Angeles “non-store”, Alchemy Works has played a huge part in the revival of LA’s indie arts space. The store, a haven for events, gallery openings and retail, features a stock list of internationally-acclaimed and local companies from all over the world.

In an interview with Esquire, the store’s founder, Raan Parton, revealed why Alchemy Works was making the departure from traditional brick-and-mortar to something so much more exciting. “We’re surround by this amazing community in Los Angeles and wanted to design a space to represent and collaborate with local creatives, photographers, designers, and makers,” Parton said. “The word alchemy and the idea of turning things into gold is how we look at the space and assortment. Alchemy Works provides a platform for those who are doing great work.”

Alchemy Works calls a converted old warehouse space in downtown LA home, flooded by tons of natural light, high wooden boat truss ceilings with an ample mix of reclaimed furnishings and wrought iron pieces throughout.

Parton says the store’s offerings are less focused on seasonality and more about supply-and-demand. If products are moving, they want to provide more of them; and the same goes for the items that aren’t. In addition to what you’d expect from a retail store, Alchemy Works also sells vintage automobiles out of its space.

Alchemy Works is open Monday through Friday from 11-7 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 7.

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