Works That Work, A Magazine Focused on Unexpected Creativity in the Real World

In a media universe that is increasingly moving toward all digital formats, Peter Bil’ak is confident that his new publication can buck that trend. Works That Work will release its premiere issue in February of 2013, and will highlight creative and functional design concepts from around the world. Bil’ak, the driving force behind Typotheque and Dot Dot Dot magazine, believes Works That Work will offer a fresh perspective in covering the world of design. He explains the genesis of the magazine in this interview with, “I consider myself a curious person, but I lost interest in reading most design publications because they seem to be fairly repetitive, covering well known people and their projects. I was thinking about what would be alternative to this, something which would confront me with stuff I have no idea about, but still be relevant to my work.” We are eagerly awaiting the first issue and hope to report that it’s a big success for Bil’ak and his team in the coming months.

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