Watch Enthusiasts – ‘One Is Never Enough’

In an essay for The New York Times, writer Guy Trebay explains the psyche of a watch collector. It is, in so many ways, similar to that of an addict’s – except a watch aficionado’s bad habit results in an extensive resume of the finest, most celebrated timepieces and one hell of an expensive bill. That said, Trebay notes that a watch lover isn’t just one type of person; they aren’t type A or B, they aren’t strictly male or mainly female; they aren’t just business owners, niche blog authors, investors and men with a refined taste in the classics. Watch lovers, collectors and enthusiasts are everyone: They’re police officers, mailmen, colleagues, business owners, investors and the like. And the growth of collecting has grown exponentially over the years, with wristwatch-collecting making giants like Christie’s nearly $150 million worldwide annually.

Collecting is, Trebay writes, as much about forming an emotional attachment to the pieces as it is in the act of buying them. The most blatant example of that emotional bond comes from George Jewett, a San Francisco architect interviewed by Trebay about his collection. Jewett compares the bond he shares with his smartphone — which is, admittedly, not strong — to the watch that his wife gifted him and the timepiece his father passed on to him.

The connection is indescribable, inescapable.

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