W Hotel Expands Its Reach to Switzerland, Opens New Location

W Hotel announced in a press release that the newest location, their very first alpine and ski hotel, would provide guests with interiors that compliment and contrast with breathtaking scenery around the hotel. Located in Verbier, Switzerland, the luxury hotel chair partnered up with Concrete Architectural Associates to put together an aesthetic that paid tribute to traditional New York City glamour in addition to the Nordic, alpine-inspired furnishings and accessories.

The press release focuses on the hotel’s modern, minimalistic design, derived from the way skis move through fresh powder. It’s the snowy season that Verbier has become most known — and loved — for. Against the backdrop of the famed Verbier Mountains, CAA and W Hotel worked to blend the natural elegance of the scenery with unique, luxury accessories (like copper-framed lighting and bright red accents).

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