Volcan 4×4: Connecting You to the Cruiser of Your Dreams

A specialty 4×4 auto dealership and restoration company focused on finding classic cars, Volcan 4×4 is the vintage auto industry’s oyster. The classic car company, with bases in Tampa, Florida, and Medellín, Colombia, sources, restores, and exports classic Toyota FJ40, FJ43, FJ45, and FJ55 Land Cruisers as well as other 4×4 SUVs built between 1961 and 1984.

The cars are shipped from their offices in Colombia into the USA and all over the world at the hands of experienced mechanics. Volcan’s website boasts an up-to-date registry of their current and incoming turn-key inventory for perspective buyers to consider. But buyers aren’t just limited to what they see. Volcan will in the car of your dreams, so long as you just tell them what to look for.

Alongside full body, paint, interior, and roll bar shops, the impressive, knowledgable, and expert Volcan team is able to leverage their access to these long-ago luxury cars in order to find buyers exactly what they’ve been looking for. They’ll even customize their car to fit your needs once they find it.

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