VLF Force 1 Super Car

VLF, founded by former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and legendary automotive designer Henrik Fiske, just recently revealed one of the fastest American-made supercars to date. Known as the Force 1 Super Car, the car has all the specifications to compete with its European-based competitors. The Force 1 will retail for $268,000 and only 50 cars will be made — all of them assembled and constructed at the company’s manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills, Muted reports.

The car is a two-seat all carbon fiber-bodied high-performance, low-production sports car. It features an all carbon fiber, lightweight body and 21-inch wheels as well as high-performance Pirelli P Zero tires and Brembo high-performance brakes. Embodying Fisker’s design language, the Force 1 features classic American sports car proportions with a short front overhang, long tail, pushed out wheels, and long hood. In a statement on the VLF website, Fisker explains, “In the case of Force 1, there is an extremely pushed back green house. The sculpture on Force 1 is like a family succession to Destino, dramatic and powerful, relative flat surfaces on the high end of the body side, with lines full of tension, emerging onto a rounder lower section, where Force 1 has a large functional outlet. The sculptural hood has unique large negative surfaces, as in the family of the Destino, with 6 highly needed air intakes and outlets for the 745-HP 8.4 L V10 engine. The windscreen wraps around into the side glass, followed by an elegant, yet aggressive side-line sweeping up towards the rear deck. The graphics are uniquely sleek, with ultra thin lights in front and at the rear, UTV laser blade tail lamps, the thinnest tail lamps in the world. The day light opening (DLO), or side window, has a completely new graphic that ends up in a sharp spear, never seen like this before.”

You can add an integrated hot spot WiFi; wine, champagne, or water holder; a milled aluminum hidden pen holder; leather and suede sunglasses holder, navigation and HiFi, lightweight manual sports seats or option electric; milled aluminum and leather shifter; and a smartphone center console pocket for both standard and large phone and USB charging.

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