• Alighiero Boetti at MoMA
  • Zao Woi-ki, Corrida, 1953
  • The Gyre Sculpture by Kate MccGwire
  • Lu Chao, Black forest cake, 2015

Up-And-Coming Artists To Invest In

As the artist community continues to shift, change, and innovate, Billionaire put together a list of 10 emerging artists to invest in. While the creative world can prove to be a fickle investment – there’s no guarantee on what will see or when it will sell – the unpredictability has become an adrenaline rush on its own. Together with leading experts in the industry, Billionaire has taken some of the guesswork out of investing in talented, masterful up-and-comers and their portfolios.

Artist Alighiero Boetti, from Ben Brown Fine Arts in London, is “Italy’s answer to Warhol.” The international artist tops Billionaire’s list as the artist to invest in as he gains international notoriety. Lu Chao, who’s work can be seen at the Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery in Beijing, uses an “extraordinary technique with wall-size murals with detailed pictures of celebrities.”

Billionaire dubs Zao Wou-Ki as the “next Picasso for China and France,” due in large part to the fact he’s the first famous posthumous French-Chinese artist with mass appeal to a broad audience. Taking fifth on the list of artists – and the first woman on the list – to invest in is Kate MccGwire, who’s already in high-demand by curators, collectors, and museums.

Note: Later this year, Whale will curate its own guide of artists within the creative community to invest in in the industry.

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