Tzukuri Delivers the First-Ever Bluetooth Sunglasses

Tzukuri, an Australian-based company, has officially changed up the entire summer-shopping industry with the invention of Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses.

By using a pint-sized Bluetooth Low Energy chip embedded in the frame of the glasses, your smartphone is able to monitor the Tzurkuri sunglasses location. Then, at any point in the night, your phone will be able to detect if the two start to drift away from one another. If that’s the case, your smartphone will display a map that leads you directly to the missing glasses.

The Tzurkuri model used 3D analysis to study faces and make frames that harmoniously fit a broader range of facial structures. Following their comprehensive study, six different models, developed in three difference sizes, were handcrafted in Japan to fit each and every face shape and size. Anti-scratch lenses, 100 percent UV protection and the highest quality polarization make the frames a contender in the sunglass market.

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