Think Quarterly By Google & Our Rapidly Evolving Digital World

In 1903, the Wright Brothers concluded their first series of test flights, with Wilbur managing to keep the airplane aloft for one minute, covering a distance of just under 300 meters. Today, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is on the verge of launching commercial flights into space. Such is the mind bending nature of how quickly a technology can progress over the course of little more than a century. In an analogous way, we’re all living in the midst of another revolutionary period, the early stages of the Digital Age. Understanding how this landscape will look in the years ahead, and leveraging that information for your own personal and professional benefit is critical. Think Quarterly is published by Google and is an invaluable source for understanding the key issues on the minds of thoughts leaders and entrepreneurs shaping the future. Read it and get a jump on not only what is, but what’s coming.

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