The Soho Farmhouse

Seated on 100 acres in the Oxfordshire countryside, the Soho Farmhouse is a members-only club offering guests a new type of blissful escape. Compromised of 40 different cabins, all spanning different sizes, a seven-bedroom farmhouse, and a four-bedroom cottage, Soho Farmhouse is the epitome of relaxation and urban sophistication. Upon entering, your license plan is scanned in, and from then on out, the estate’s always-eager caretakers cover whim and want its guests crave.

Food and drink trucks actually pull up outside your cabin and pre-adjusted Foffa bikes are available for rides at your leisure, as are appropriately sized Wellington boots (should you need them). Guests are also encouraged to use the Soho Farmhouses’ BMW i3s. Three man-made lakes, tennis courts, soccer pitches, a spa located on its own island, a 60-seat movie theater, a general store, and a Japanese restaurant located alongside an infinity pool sum up the Soho Farmhouse’s offerings.

The members-only club — Soho House — was first founded in London in 1995. Designed to be a home for “people working in creative fields,” there are now Soho Houses in New York, Berlin, West Hollywood, Chicago, Istanbul, Toronto, Miami, and London. The club’s focus is to create communities where members share creativity as their common denominator. Applications for for Soho House and the Soho Farmhouse can be found online.

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