The Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz F 015

With lounge space big enough for four people in its cabin, the Mercedes-Benz F 015 is anything but traditional. Released in January at the 2015 International Consumer Electrics Show, the self-driving car concept can be operated both manually and autonomously. It features Napa leather seats, blue LED lighting, and aluminum and glass surfaces. The car-of-the-future was a concept created by Daimler.

With a driver behind the wheel, the driver’s seat swivels to face the steering wheel, but when it’s operated in the self-driving position, the seat swivels to face the back seat, creating the most awe-inspiring lounge-on-wheels you could ever hope for – or fear — depending on your preference and taste for adventure.

There’s currently no planned release date for the F 015, but Mercedes definitely looks to be warming up a seat for itself in the self-driving industry.

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