The Rolls-Royce Dawn

Touting the phrase, “after the darkness comes the Dawn,” Rolls-Royce has seamlessly introduced its most eye-catching automobile to date. The Dawn is a convertible. It’s also still a Rolls-Royce. Confusing? Let’s continue.

The Dawn was inspired by the ‘50s Silver Dawn, powered by a twin-turbo, 6.6L V12 twin-turbo engine, and four independent bucket seats, and a wooden deck that covers the soft-top when lowered. The fabric roof was designed with silence in mind: a tailored French Seam and a perfectly smooth surface, the roof moves up and down in complete silence in 22 seconds. The car also features a Bespoke Audio system, 80% unique body panels.

As the site promises, “Dawn lives in the moment.” And in case there were any lingering questions: “That moment is now”.

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