The Robey Hall — Chicago’s Hotel-Hostel Crossover

Chicago’s all-new hotel preys on its clientele’s devotion to social media. The Robey Hall, a stunning new hotel concept launched by Grupo Habita, is a hotel where guests are able to check-out fellow travelers on social media prior to checking in. Featuring 66 beds and 20 different rooms, The Robey Hall feels a bit more like a hotel capsule specializing in connecting with its clientele than a larger-than-life hotel chain. Guests have the option of booking rooms for a “social stay” or booking private lofted rooms. As The Robey Hall’s website points out, the shared rooms allow guests to “customize their communal experience through social media” by giving guests the opportunity to “see who else they will be sharing our space with by using Instagram to bring us all closer together through life’s shared experiences.” Bookings for its shared rooms (which feature upwards of eight beds) begin at $45, while private rooms start at $165 per night.

According to, The Robey Hall sits next to The Robey (another of Grupo Habita’s Chicago hotels), tucked between the city’s Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods. A welcome letter on the website reads: “Our goal? To bring people together who love food, design, the arts and culture, mix them all up and have a great time (and a good night’s sleep). Come with friends, come to make new friends, or bring the whole family. We want to do for our guests what social media does for the world: bring us all closer together through shared experiences.”

Metric Coffee is on hand at The Robey Hall, serving guests coffee, free Wi-Fi, laundry services, and a grab-and-go menu, and the Social Room is meant to be used for events and meet-ups.

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