The Peninsula Hotel – ‘Tradition Well Served’

For Peninsula’s 85th birthday, the hotel maven is celebrating with their documentary Tradition Well Served. Produced by Elaine Forsgate Marden, the documentary traces the history of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels and the Limited (the parent company of The Peninsula Hotels), which got their start when founding brothers Sir Ellis and Sir Elly Kadoorie first settled in both Chinese-based locales in the 1880s.

Beloved for their hospitality, spa, its Rolls Royce fleet and the stunning fact that nearly all nine of its properties has been rated with much affection by Condé Nast Traveler’s readers, Peninsula has much to celebrate. Today, they’ve expanded far enough to plant seeds in Beverly Hills, Chicago and Bangkok. Tradition Well Served captivates that.

Using history, photographs and video footage to tell the story of each location, the 45-minute documentary visits pre-WWII Hong Kong, 1980s Beijing and its NYC property at the height of Charlie Chaplin’s parities, all revolving around their Peninsula inception. In an interview with Condé Nast Traveler, Marden says that she hopes “the film will spark an interest and encourage guests to want to travel to other properties and go to Asia.”

And what the documentary so cleverly does is set the stage for the Peninsula’s next expansion: Paris. Set to open in late August, the film draws on the hotel’s desirable cities and services, enticing guests to be a part of the hotel’s ongoing history and its luxury accommodations.

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