The Oceanfront “Shed” Home

Known as the offSET Shed House, the oceanfront “shed” built by Irving Smith Jack Architects is more than just another four-walled space with a roof and some room meant for storing excess junk and out-of-season tools. The home, which The Coolist notes is “sturdy and accessible, built with a corrugated metal façade that presents an industrial kind of charm,” sits on New Zealand’s southern coast and features a “campus of connected structures that outline a private interior courtyard.”

With less than 1,000 feet of interior living space, the offSET Shed House is far more flashy than its name would implicate. It’s economical and modern, built in 2013, and though it swings many awards and accolades from its neck, the home was built on inspiration and virtue, meant for a family with simple, uncluttered needs, and a strong desire for nature’s purest marvels.

As if the home itself wasn’t enough, the offSET Shed House looks out onto a patch of lush native greenery, then dips to reveal a sandy beach. Finally, the home unloads its greatest asset: a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

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