The New York Times’ Modern Machine

Back before there was a steady stream of blogs and social media networks circulating the news minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, there was The New York Times. The prestigious newspaper marked the rise of power for some, and the fall from it for others; it was the voice in politics (if you swayed that way), the director of cool, and the maven of style. And in 2015, the paper is still very much a leader.

While the paper’s consumer base is accustomed to seeing the finished copy, what many don’t see is the long production process – what happens if something goes wrong; if a printer breaks, a page misprints. Blame it on an increasingly digital world and generations who don’t have the patience to wait five minutes let alone five hours, but the art of paper printing is a declining industry. The Times would disagree though. At their Queens-based plant, newspaper is alive and thriving – as proven in this Popular Mechanics “long read” ‘How The New York Times Works’ which gives a detailed play-by-play of how the notorious Gray Lady is made.

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