The Motor-Vehicle Mecca Every Car Devotee Has Been Waiting For

Hidden in the Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey is the industrial block that houses one of the country’s greatest car collections, a cigar lounge, an event space, a fully stocked professional kitchen and three unrelated exotic-car businesses. The warehouse is home to a Ferrari and Lamborghini repair and restoration shop, an exotic-car rental agency and a top-of-the-line car detailer.

In essence, it’s a modern day clubhouse for car aficionados.

When Paulo Matos’s family-owned building needed a space to store the European and American cars they’d collected, the space transformed into a cigar room, and full bar with humidor lockers, custom furniture and restored brick walls. They’d come to call the space the Avenue A Club; and it was just the beginning.

50 years later, Matos’s business is flourishing. The assortment of precious autos rotates constantly, showcasing a bevy of luxurious cars and motorcycles kept in pristine condition. But it was only when the ever-changing car collection felt like a museum that Matos’s teamed up with three other businesses to join him side-by-side in the space, each with their own incredible story of success and passion from somewhere in Small Town America.

For starters, Signature Car Collection signed on as the car rental agency to occupy the first blank in the space; and rentals begin at just under $1,000 for 24 hours. Next came Apex Detail, spearheaded by Daniel Coyle, which keeps the cars on-hand (and outside) looking flawless. The round out the trio is Arena Motors, the full-service repair and restoration shop that works exclusively on Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

It’s unmistakably the modern motor vehicle monster that car enthusiasts have been waiting for.

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