The Moorings

In 1969, Charles “Charlie” Cary, together with his wife Ginny, launched The Moorings in the British Virgin Islands to create the world’s largest and most innovative character fleet. Setting sale to 20 destinations throughout the world, The Moorings has emerged in its 45-year climb to the top as the world’s leading yacht charter company. On the eve of another year, The Moorings announced it would partner with Pack for a Purpose, Sailors of the Sea, and the Wounded Veteran Retreat Program to enrich the lives of its neighbors in the British Virgin Islands and beyond.

Together with Pack for a Purpose, The Moorings will invite travelers to make a lasting impact on the towns and communities they travel to by donating to local charities to help families and children. Beyond this, the Tortola flagship has partnered with Family Support Network to support individuals, couples, and children affected by domestic abuse.

With Sailors of the Sea, The Moorings is committed to “engage, educate, inspire, and active the sailing and boating community toward healing the ocean.” Both organizations implement new measures, like the Recycling Program, which aims to preserve the ocean’s ecosystem more efficiently than ever.

Last, but certainly not least, The Moorings partnered with the Wounded Veterans Retreat Program to provide wounded veterans and their families with activity-based retreats in destinations all over the world. The partnership will include an educational sailing charter through BVI led by Special Forces officer Nelson Corbin.

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