The James Beard Public Market Heads to Portland

As a child, James Beard credited the vast, bountiful, locally-sourced, and robust farmers markets throughout Portland, Oregon as the foundation for his incredible culinary career. Most of those markets have since closed, unable to inspire new generations of culinary greats. In 1942, the Portland Public Market, the central home for farmers throughout the city, closed. But the James Beard Public Market Foundation plans to change that.

In June, The James Beard Public Market Foundation and its architects revealed they will open a massive new market honoring Mr. Beard and his legacy. The project, commissioned by Oslo-based architecture firm, Snohetta, will join a legion of impeccably-designed restaurant locations.

Snohetta has created a “massive, space, varied in volume and purpose, that is as much an architectural experience as it is culinary. It will include 60 permanent vendors, 30 day tables for rotating vendors, multiple full-service restaurants, event spaces and a teaching kitchen.”

Now, a whole new culinary tradition begins in Portland.

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