The Intentional Trifecta: Inventory Delivers In-Print, In-Person and Online for Men

Established in 2009 as an online platform and biannual publication, Inventory was created to fill a void in the style, culture and design space. Its founding fathers wanted to offer a unique, global perspective on culture, trend and dexterity in the designers, fabric makers and artists ripe on the market. In order to do so, they collaborated with esteemed and up-and-coming photographers, writers and stylists to create an online and in-store culture reflective of the contemporary realm they were stepping in to. It’s masterful success has been a legend ever since.

With locations in New York, Vancouver, Tokyo and Dover Street Market’s London the store features a thoughtful selection of brands that cater to a certain type of man. Each location carries only a handful of brands and an array of basics, from vintage work-wear to Americana pieces. It’s simple, understated; minimalistic. The collections teeter on the verge on anonymity: A nod to the true shopper, whose cultured eye can distinguish between the high-end garments.

The purity of the storefront locations extends to its digital and print realms as well. Plain product shots in off-white backgrounds are deliberate and methodical, so as to celebrate the selection of clothing from all over the world without any added fuss or flair.

Inventory reigns paramount: A shopping experience unrivaled in every sense of the word; a must-see as well as a must-shop for the experienced, tasteful gentleman with an eye for clean lines and a manicured selection of apparel.

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