The Greatest Art Heist In History, Mystery Solved?

Considered to be Boston’s last great secret, the 1990 theft of $500 million worth of artwork from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, could finally be nearing a resolution. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has followed leads around the globe for nearly a quarter century without being able to recover any of the 13 items, but in a statement last week they advised the public that they know who is responsible for the brazen theft. Unwilling to name the perpetrators while they continue to try and safely recover the works, the bureau has indicated that a criminal organization in the region was responsible. If the case can be closed and the artwork recovered, it would mark the end of an incredible story, which occurred as a result of poor physical security, human error, and some very tight-lipped criminals. If you’re unfamiliar with the mystery, have a look at this summary from the museum. This tale is further evidence that often the truth is stranger than fiction.

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