The 50 Most In-Demand Artists Under 35

In 2014 Artsy put together a compelling list of the most in-demand artists of the year, all under the age of 35 years old. Most recently they’ve gone back through the list to provide additional insights.

Among the facts and figures Artsy presents, nearly all of the artists on its list have been Google-searched a startling 200,000 times per month or more. A whopping 58 percent of the names on the list are American-bred artists, while 76 percent reside in the United States; 46 percent currently live in New York City, and 20 percent reside in Los Angeles.

Names on the list include JR, Hayal Pozanti, Ryan Foerster, Richard Mosse, Lucien Smith, Christian Rosa, Sam Moyer, Kadar Brock, Alex Israel, DOLK, Nate Lowman, and Wyatt Kahn, among dozens more. The report also details that of the 50 artists named, most are painters, with roughly two-thirds citing it as their preferred medium. However, it’s worth noting that younger artists are more likely to embrace online tools to get their work seen, shared, and sold online.

You can view the full list, as well as the data surrounding the selected artists on Artsy, here.

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